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Six Week Chef Skills Course

Six week chef skills course – culinary tuition

Brisbane’s only comprehensive six week Chef Skills Course runs six consecutive Mondays from 6-9 pm. Learn every skill you need to know to feel like the master of your kitchen. Pastry, chocolate & sugar work, knife skills and more!

Chefs Skills Course runs six consecutive Monday nights from 6-9pm. Suitable for all skill levels from beginners to advanced, this is a hands on, interactive cookery course designed for those with a passion for cooking but perhaps lacking the necessary skills or confidence to absolutely shine!
We should not be spending hours slaving away in the kitchen, cooking can be fun, creative, fulfilling and rewarding. We will prepare show stopping meals based on the fundamentals of essential cookery techniques but you will learn how to simplify and adapt these skills to make meals which take minimal time or effort to prepare! The focus is on enjoying the experience, gaining confidence, and learning essential cooking and presentation techniques.

Discover the art of:

  • Bread-making – focaccia, pizza, rolls, loaves, stuffed breads, rolls, pita and naan bread.
  • Sauces and Emulsions
  • Reductions
  • Flambés
  • Deboning and trussing
  • Preparing the perfect steak – rare, medium rare, medium perfectly every time
  • Overview of meat and fish cuts
  • Specialized fruit and vegetable cuts
  • Curing and preserving
  • Pasta Making: All types
  • Presentation skills.
  • Garnishes and decorations
  • Knife and carving skills
  • Chocolate work
  • Sugar work
  • Ice cream
  • Pastry work

ONLY $795……

NOTE: You MUST book in on week one of the course, we cannot allow attendees to commence the course on any of the other weeks!  The week 1 will be highlighted in blue on the calender!

More information: The course consists of 6 lessons which run once a week over a 6 week period. Full payment of $795 or a 50% deposit will secure your place on the course. The full amount is due on the first night of the course. You are welcome to book with friends or family. Please note the price cannot be discounted due to non-attendance, so should a lesson be missed for any reason, you may make it up another time provided we are advised. Classes are limited to 16 people to ensure participants get the most out of the course. Places are limited…book soon to avoid disappointment! Upcoming courses are displayed on our calendar or email us info@vanillazulu.com.au

Purple Carrot Cake for Mum

I’m so excited!   In exactly one week my mum will fly in from South Africa to spend 9 glorious weeks with me and her beloved grandson’s.

It has been two years since we last saw each other and although we Skype and call and Whatsapp all the time, nothing can beat a cup of tea and a chat over a plate of something decadent, to really appreciate mother and daughter time TOGETHER!

My mother has always been a very keen and accomplished baker.  We used to live miles and miles away from the closest tiny towns so our ‘entertainment’ was not going to a malls and movies or restaurants as there simply weren’t any around.  No, our entertainment was ripping out recipes out of magazines and sticking them into our recipe folder.  Or pouring over recipe books booked out from the library (no google search in those days lol)

We also grew most of our own vegetables and produce so there were always fresh eggs, fruit and ridiculously good milk from our cows.  We used to have a stainless steel milk separator which would spin off the rich and delectably thick cream either to be used on scones, churned into butter, or baked into cakes and cookies.

Oh the sweet memories!

Carrot cake was always a firm favourite, and although I’ve adapted this to be a little more glamorous essentially it’s just a jolly fabulous carrot cake!


Beat together

185g softened butter with 3/4 cup brown sugar in a mixer until light and fluffy, and until the sugar is dissolved.

Add 5 ml Vanilla Extract or Paste and 2 eggs and mix together.

Grate 2 medium sized purple carrots, you can use normal carrots here if you wish, into the mixture.  Sieve in 1 cup self raising flour and 1/2 a teaspoon EACH of cinnamon, mixed spice or ras el hanout, and also 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and 1 cup of pecans and/or pistachios. Mix together until combined and then pour into a greased cake or loaf tin.  Bake in a pre-heated oven of 170c for about 20-25 minutes until the cake is cooked, test with a skewer like they do in the movies lol!

Allow to cool.  While the cake is cooling you can whip up this delicious but ridiculously easy icing!

Take 1 small tub ricotta or cream cheese and into it add 2 tablespoons icing mixture, about 2 ml vanilla paste and the juice and zest of one lime.  Mix well and then dollop this onto the cake!  I cut the cake into portions first and arranged them on a platter before decorating each square with a dollop of the sweetened ricotta and a gorgeous little organic rose bud (available from my online store or at your local Indian spice shop)

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Gift Vouchers – the perfect gift!

Buy the perfect gift for your fabulous foodie or budding chef!

Vanilla Zulu gift vouchers give them a world of culinary adventure to choose from.

Gift vouchers can be purchased for a single class, or for the ultimate treat,  bundle it with some of our famous Culinary Bling!

Single Class Vouchers $135

Purchase a fun-filled three hour interactive group cooking session (which includes a three course meal) for any of our fabulous classes! Rustic Italian, Spanish Tapas, Modern Thai, Gourmet Master Class, Eat Yourself Sexy (healthy) and many more!

Double Gift Vouchers $250

Get a whopping $20 off when you buy a double voucher!  Use it for two people to attend the same class, or buy it to attend two classes of choice.

See Calendar for dates, times and options, or email us at info@vanillazulu.com.au if you need further information.

All gift vouchers are valid for twelve months from purchase, and can be used for most three hour cooking classes.

Gift vouchers can be purchased online and delivered directly to the recipient’s Inbox, or you can contact us directly to arrange a beautifully presented paper voucher.

Team Building for Corporates

The only thing better than a cooking class, is a cooking class designed to disguise a team building activity. We love, love, LOVE working with corporates to help them achieve the most from their teams.

Vanilla Zulu is the perfect venue to celebrate a win, rebuild team relationships, reward clients, add value to your conference, or welcome new employees…let’s get cooking!

Your team building event can be tailor made to best suit your needs. Our very popular Master Chef Cook off, Mystery Box Challenge  and Amazing Race Culinary Adventures are just a taste of what we can do.

We are able to cater for up to 10-40 people at Vanilla Zulu and we have access to a range of wonderful alternative venues to cater for larger groups. We can also come to you!

Want to know more?

Download our Corporate Pack here!


We voted this our best team building event EVERIKEA Logan

Our Nandos team members were able to bring their passion for amazing food to life with a little help from Mel’s culinary bling.. The experience was so good, Mel returned to deliver an amazing open-air cooking school event for 360 delegates at the Nando’s conference! – Nando’s

We had such a great time and Mel was very welcoming, relaxed and full of information.. We all loved it, plus we got to eat our creations afterwards. I would highly recommend Vanilla Zulu to anyone with any level of cooking expertise, no one would feel out of their depth, be it an experienced cook or a tentative beginner.  Thanks Mel! Minor DKL Food Group

The cooking session was extremely entertaining, cheeky and well-rehearsed… Mel ensured the team bonded well and everyone from the team are now asking when can we go back! – Queensland Fire and Rescue Service