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Fall in love with your kitchen all over again and turn failures into triumphs! Chef Mel will have you making food like you never thought you could make with her simple tricks and tips. And that’s not all….. go into the running to win the major prize consisting of a 6 weeks chef course, knife and a personal session with Chef Mel herself!

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Sexy Mince

Is there grey liquid in your pan when you cook mince? Let the Happy Chef and Kitchen Angel, Mel Alafaci show you how to fix your mince and transform it into a wonderful meal. Not only will she show you cool cooking tricks and shortcuts to make you absolutely shine, but she will also show you plating and presentation ideas to make your dish look amazing. It’s all about flavour, colour AND texture and how to accessorise you food and make it really sexy. Read More…

Transform your stir fries into gorgeous masterpieces!

Do you have grey soggy stir fries instead of the sticky ones like from that gorgeous Asian restaurants? Let me show you how to transform your stir fries into gorgeous masterpieces! It’s all about maintaining the heat in your pan, and not stirring too much! Back away from the pan guys! I’m using chicken in this recipe, but feel free to use beef or pork or vegetables! Read More…

Crispy skin fish without overcooking your fish.

Want to know my trick?  It’s simple and will definitely be a game changer.  In order to have the fish perfect (not overcooked) and the skin crispy we HAVE to remove the skin!  I know…so easy!  I only remove the skin in the pan when we have cooked it down for about a minute so that it comes off easily. Read More…

Magnificent chicken breast in half the time and with half the fuss

Okay, who’s sick of washing pots and pans and millions of dishes! I certainly am. Join me as I show you the art of preparing a quick, yet magnificent, chicken breast in half the time and with half the fuss…but with all the sexiness and gorgeous flavour, you’ve come to deserve! Can’t wait to hear about how you turned this dish into your own special design! It’s so versatile you can change the spices and the vegetables a hundred times…just like your favourite outfit. New earrings, new handbag, it’s a new outfit! Gents, for you it’s new shoes new tie, new outfit! Read More…

Mysterious Moroccan Lamb Shoulder with date and pistachio bling

Want a fabulously sexy idea for your next big family or entertaining event? Then you have to try my slow-cooked Moroccan Lamb Shoulder with Pistachio and Date bling…all you do is pop it in the oven at least 2 hours before your guests arrive and your oven will do all the work! You’ll be sure to get a round of applause for this one! Remember to adjust your cooking time…and top up your cooking liquid as you go! 

Sweet potato, sage and bacon stuffed roast chicken…with a sun tan!

Try this delicious stuffed roast chicken with a fabulous makeover! This sweet potato, bacon and sage stuffing is definitely going to be a hit for many years to come! I will also show you how to shorten your cooking time by showing you how to flatten your bird…this is a recipe you have to try! Read More…

Coming Soon – More amazing menus for easy entertaining and general kitchen happiness

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