12 Week Kitchen Challenge

Week 4 – One pan suntanned chicken…

Okay, who's sick of washing pots and pans and millions of dishes! I certainly am. Join me as I show you the art of preparing a quick, yet magnificent, chicken breast in half the time and with half the fuss...but with all the sexiness and gorgeous flavour...

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Week 2 – Sexy Stir Fries

 Stir fries are a wonderful, healthy, economical family meal. Not only are they tasty, they are bursting with health and nutrition and are full of colour, flavour and personality.

BUT…are your stir fries soggy and full of liquid, or are they gloriously sticky like your favourite take away from you Asian restaurant!

There are so many varieties of the good old stir fry so the only wisdom I can impart is on how to cook it successfully every time!   Get that wok out guys and let’s get cooking!

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A Big Welcome From The Kitchen Angel