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Vanilla Zulu Team Building Events

We have very lovely and loyal clients that come back to us again and again for more culinary adventures. One of our favourite and very loyal clients BHP Billiton came back to us for yet ANOTHER team building session at Vanilla Zulu. Oh, the excitement!

Culinary Bark...Nigella and Turmeric Waterbiscuits

As you know we just love our amazing customers and we are always able to offer a new and exciting menu no matter how many times they want to come back.

This time is was for team leader Richard and his amazing team from TROC Operations, Technology, Production Systems Operations Australia.

We had an amazing team building session together. Everyone was able to let their hair down and relax and enjoy some marvellous food and even better company.  The teams were competitive and amidst much laughter and gentle competitiveness. I can’t take all the credit though, Richard was very handy at making this amazing video of their team event!

Can’t wait to have you and your lovely crew back for another culinary adventure…

Chef Mel and The Vanilla Zulu team



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