Baked cheese with fragrant garlic and tarragon

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Garlic and herb baked cheese served with crusty bread

This is a gorgeous and glamorous take on the everyday cheeseboard.  Baking Camembert or Brie bakes with garlic and herbs, infuses it with the most amazing flavours! And melted cheese is always a favourite!   You can also use this baked cheese as a topping on a gorgeous steak or grilled chicken breast for something refreshingly different.

I call this my glamorous cheese fondue!  It only takes two minutes to prepare and eight minutes to bake, so you could be enjoying this in TEN MINUTES!

1 round camembert or brie (use your favourite)

One to two cloves of  garlic cut julienne (matchsticks)

Fresh sprigs of tarragon, rosemary, oregano, marjoram or thyme

Simply make about 8 incisions in the cheese with a knife, push the garlic and the herbs into the holes, don’t be too careful at this stage, remember we are going to bake this and the more rustic it looks the better!.  Now place in a oven proof plate or dish or even a foil envelope and and bake for 8 minutes in a hot oven of at least 200c until it has puffed up and the cheese is oozy and melting.

Serve hot!  You can serve this as part of your cheeseboard with gorgeous water biscuits, or big chunks of your favourite hot bread to dunk into this.

Mel Townsend – The Vanilla Zulu

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