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Strawberry and chocolate tiles

Above is my decadent roast strawberry and ras el hanout brownie clad in chocolate and strawberry ’tiles’ .  I could also have boxed this brownie by cutting the chocolate sheet into rectangles instead, it’s very easy to work with and can be made way in advance.  I have circled by house in a rich espresso broth and there is also a double vanilla dollop of cream to balance out the richness of this dish.


Apple lattice soldiers

Here i have cut a puff pastry and apple pie into soldiers and arranged them in a sexy terracotta pot for height.  Dip these into my salted caramel custard with praline bling and your taste buds will sing! Shout if you want the recipes! Just leave a message below!


Chocolate bark

Above I have created chocolate bark by using a gorgeous 72% couverture chocolate, melted, and then have stirred through roasted pistachios, Turkish delight jewels and dates and then to decorate I have used organic rose buds and Persian fairy floss and then cut the slab into thin and long pieces of ‘bark’


Biscotti sail

Above I have used store-bought biscotti as sails in my Catalan Custard Tart…the biscotti will add valuable crunch and flavour to the smooth custard tart…gives the dessert so much more personality. I’ve also added a gorgeous scoop of fresh cream made perfect with a hot ice cream baller, and a borage flower!  Dig in!

Catalan Custard Tart with biscotti sail

Don’t you love these wonderfully delicious culinary high heels to add heigh, texture and interest to your next dessert?

Spun sugar wand accessory and a ‘blinged’ ice cream ball

This gorgeous chocolate tart has been accessorized with a ‘blinged’ pistachio ice cream ball and a ‘wand’ of spun sugar.  It lies on a chocolate ‘comet’ which is so easy achieve with chocolate sauce and a spatula or spoon.  The extra height makes it look much more expensive and interesting don’t you think!


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