Ever so glamorous Mac and Cheese, my sons recipe.

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Makes enought for 6-8 people ( my son makes this huge batch so he has meals for the next few days…clever lad!)


125g butter

100 g plain flour

1 liter milk

200g grated cheese

3 ml salt

ground pepper to taste

500g macaroni pasta dried



1.  Put a large saucepan of salted water on to boil for the pasta.  Once the water is boiling, add the pasta and allow to cook until al dente.  Start your sauce while you wait for the pasta to cook!  Follow package instructions for that part, once the pasta is done just drain in the colander and wait until the sauce is done!

2. Melt the butter in a large saucepan and then take off the heat.  Grab a whisk and whisk in all of the flour until it form a smooth paste.  This sexy little paste is called a ‘roux’.  Once smooth add the milk a little bit at a time so you incorporate the milk in slowly, don’t go all in with the milk as this will be difficult to get rid of the lumps!  Slow and steady wins the race here.

3.  Once nice and smooth, return to the head all stir unti this gorgeous silky sauce starts to boil and the flour has cooked through.  You MUST stir pretty much the whole time, or else the bottom tends to burn.

4. Once this has cooked through, remove from the heat and add the salt, pepper and the cheese.  The sauce should stir be hot enough to melt that grated cheese.


Now add the pasta to the  delectable cheesy sauce.  I always put this in a large casserole dish with lid as this is enough for about 6-8 people.  My son makes this huge batch so he can feast on it over a few days!  


I like to add a bit more cheese, and grill until it gets some colour.  I also sometimes layer this with a sexy Italian style mince…you design your own magnificent way of eating this glorious comfort food!





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