Rustic Pea Mash…simply spectacular

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It’s always surprising, during my classes, when we create the most amazing meals imaginable using every day ingredients (and some fancy ones) and EVERYONE is in raptures about the ONE dish that is truly simply.  The one dish that is truly easy.  The ONE dish that is truly versatile.

This side dish is SO SUPER easy that you could literally whip this up at the drop of a hat.  It is also so SUPER VERSATILE that you can use it again and again for many years to come…and be the talk of the town (in a good way)

These are easy peasy peas. Now just so we are clear, I am not the kind of girl to put my peas through a stainer or a sieve, but if I was doing a fine-dining meal then of course i would.  So here i embrace the pea-skins, I leave them in and admire them, and that’s why I can them Rustic Peas.

Try these easy peasy peas on someone you love this weekend and you’ll be sure to get a round of applause from your friends and family alike!  Enjoy!

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