Faux Croquembouche Vanilla Zulu Style…

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The feared Croquembouche, once you know how to make them, they really aren’t that daunting.  Also, a Croquembouche cone is terribly expensive.  Did you know you can actually fashion a very useful cone out of a piece of A3 cardboard, as you would buy at the stationery store.  So it doesn’t have to be costly.  You an simply cover it in greaseproof paper and use it again and again. The actual creation won’t last too long that’s for sure. I found this on youtube for us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl7TrB–gCw

Here they have used little meringues, you could also use piped biscuits or the more traditional profiteroles.  But meringues are cheap, we can make them in advance, and everyone loves them. So to make it sound terribly important and difficult why don’t we call it a deconstructed vertical vanilla and berry pavlova and see if we get a round of applause at the Christmas table this year!  This photo is off the net but I’m making one of these this afternoon or tomorrow to test it and then I’ll report back… heavens, who’s going to help me eat it!

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