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If you haven’t heard about Oz Harvest I really recommend supporting their amazing initiatives. Promoting and focusing on reducing food waste and rescuing food to distribute to people in need, makes this a charity very close to my heart.

I am lucky enough to have met the amazing staff and volunteers here at the Gold Coast Food and wine expo running this weekend on the glorious Gold Coast.

Having some time to spare and needing to have a sneaky sit down, I watched Chef Sarah and Terry whip up their amaing left over inspired meal.  I’m happy to say I was blown away!  Enter carrot top pesto, my new favorite thing, and house-made ricotta.  I’ll defintely be sharing these amazingly innovative and highly economical ideas with everyone I can. Carrot top pesto not only sounds sexy but the taste is amazing!  I’m sure, that like me you have always been disposing of your carrot tops, but dont. Blended up into a pesto they make an amazingly flavoursome sauce busting with color and flavour and personality, I was literally so excited at this amazing idea.

Their other idea, to clear our your crisper, was left over salad bag pesto, for that little bit of salad that never seems to make it into the bowl or onto a plate.

Her is Chef Sarah’s super groovy carrot top pesto recipe.  I really enjoyed the peppery flavour.

2 cups carrot tops finely chopped

1/2 cup fresh basil leaves

3 tablespoons roasted pine nuts/macadamia or cashew

1/4 cup Parmesan or Pecorino cheese

1/2 cup best extra virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic

Simply blend to a paste in your food processor or pestle and mortar.



Chef Mel

With permission to share this gorgeous recipe by the OzHarvest Gold Coast Team


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