Breakfast Brunch Masterclass

Classic, decadent breakfast treats to wow your family

Breakfast Brunch Masterclass Menu

  • Classic eggs Benedict with house-made REAL hollandaise (not that terribly awful stuff that comes in a UHT pack)
  • Pain au chocolat, our decadent, flaky croissants
  • Beautiful Brioche from scratch!
  • Learn perfect poached eggs

Vegetarian available. Cannot be dairy or gluten free unfortunately.

NOTE – for this class everything is eaten at the end so please eat before coming!

Hundreds of 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews

Juliet – Thanks Chef Elle and Vanilla Zulu. We loved the breakfast masterclass and had heaps of fun We made croissants something I never thought I’d be able to do. Yum! The teacher was attentive and very knowledgeable and we had everything we needed for success.

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Weeknight Classes Mon – Fri are 6pm – 9pm, Weekends are 10am – 1pm or 3pm – 6pm. 

Bookings of 4+ guests will automatically discount.

Booking with Children – please note we accept Youths from 9yrs to 17yrs.  However, for Children 9yrs – 14yrs each child must have an adult booked in with them.  

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Why a Breakfast Brunch Masterclass

This class offers a few absolute classics that you’ll love to master in order to become the ultimate breakfast and brunch Masterchef!  Gain confidence and learn valuable presentation and plating skills to ensure a round of applause at the very next breakfast you serve.

  • Lose the fear of making fresh hollandaise…with our dramatic cheffy twist on the classic eggs Benedict (not that terribly awful stuff that comes in a UHT pack)
  • Follow the step by step, fail-safe recipes that will produce our amazing decadent, flaky croissants
  • Repeat every recipe at home whenever you want and create food that is better than your local cafe!
  • Learn perfect poached eggs, a must-have skill for every home cook

NO COFFEE / TEA AVAILABLE.  As a commercial kitchen, we are not good Baristas and can’t provide coffee or tea, we’re sorry!  Please feel free to bring a travel coffee from home or there is an excellent Cafe around the corner (just down from the Woolworths Metro as Commercial Rd continues).

Who Is This Class For?

Come alone, bring a friend or bring the whole family!  Kids 9yrs+ with a passion for cooking are very welcome!  Novice level and up – anyone can learn this.

Enjoy a night out with a friends and family.  Book 4+ guests to save.  Enjoy a glass of bubbles while you learn a new skill you can use for the rest of your life. Celebration coming up? Is it your friend or partner’s birthday? Treat them to something different.

  • 3hr action-packed, friendly cooking session in a relaxed environment
  • Everything you need to create the most authentic, made from scratch, mouth-watering food
  • Apron provided
  • Sit and enjoy a feast of the meals that you have just created at the end – prepare to amaze yourself!
  • Recipe book included

Edwina – I totally enjoyed the class, Chef Elle is very professional and efficient. We’ve made croissants and brioche, though I’ve made them before, these are much easier recipes to follow. The demo and instructions by Chef Elle were clear and in details. She came around and checked on every one of us. I haven’t had much success of making egg Benedict, Chef Elle made it so simple and now I can have egg Benedict every morning (only if I have time and no cholesterols problem). All ingredients were provided at the workshop. We’ve had a feast after and plenty to take home to feed my gang. Looking forward to doing the Desserts and Pastries class with Chef Elle.

Benjamin – I had a great time, the kitchen is clean and well maintained, Chef Elle was a great teacher. Would love to go back again and continue to learn more.

Madeleine – Our teachers were amazing! The Chef was super helpful and full of knowledge. All materials were provided and the food was delicious. I can’t wait to do another class!

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What to Expect in the Class

Your cooking class begins with a heart-warming welcome, introduction and chat with your fellow budding chefs. Then pop on your apron, get into the kitchen and start cooking. You will work in small groups of about two on a table of four as your Chef guides you step by step. In this class you will learn the tricks and tips to making traditional breakfast items you never thought possible! With take home recipes to follow, it’s easy to do at home. This class is fun, informative and will teach you how to produce stunning baked goodies and hearty breakfasts that will wow your family and friends!

Class Terms & Conditions

NO REFUNDS ON BOOKINGS – but we do have a very generous rescheduling package, please check your invoice for details or visit our FAQ page.

Vanilla Zulu is usually booked out for several weeks in advance, late changes have an impact and we can’t always find replacement participants at short notice. Staff rosters and food are prepared in advance of each class. These rules are designed to protect our business, but also to ensure if something does come up, you and your friends don’t miss out on a great experience.

A minimum of 8 guests is required for the class to go ahead, in the event we don’t reach these numbers we will contact you in advance to reschedule your booking.

Please note: The menu is based on available seasonal produce and is subject to change at the experience provider’s discretion. You will work and cook together as a team, and shared a workspace and the kitchen equipment with other participants. A group cooking session with partial group participation is the most effective and fun way to add to your cooking skills. To ensure the class finishes on time some elements of the dishes are demonstrated.

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