Culinary Bling Hamper MEDIUM

And now to get a round of applause every time you create a meal… Containing 6 amazing jars of pure culinary bling AND 2 VITAL bottles of magic to make your meals pop off the plate both with colour and personality. Why not have a look at our other products, oils, glazes etc to increase your culinary ammunition! Once your jars are empty you will get years of use out of them! Serve decadent desserts, trifles, ice-creams, mousses, pate, salads and more in these if you really want to impress your guests! Read more below…

We also have a small or large hamper available. Plus a large hamper with a knife.

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Culinary Bling Foodie|Cocktail Hamper: MEDIUM PACK

Your MEDIUM hamper will contain:

  • Edible Rose Petals/Buds

These beautiful edible rose petals add fragrance and personality to both sweet and savoury dishes. Use them in your bread dough, pasta dough, in praline, on cupcakes and cakes, or to colour up a dukkah! They keep for ages and you'll use them all the time. Use these elegant petals as a vibrant decoration on the top of your ice with gin, Aperol Spritz and various other drinks and cocktails.  Completely edible but do recommend putting these on top of the ice, and then using a straw so the petals don't interfere with the drink!  So pretty and effective.

  • Nigella Seeds

These sexy black seeds are stunning. You will use them to garnish breads, enhance visuals on salads, you can add them to bread dough or pasta dough, and they can also be used with fresh or dried petals to bling up cheeses, dips and savoury items.

  • Culinary Spray tan

This fragrant mix of turmeric, ras el hanout and salt can be mixed to a paste with oil or water and then rubbed into your next leg/shoulder of lamb, roast chicken, vegetables or beef and will give not only colour and 'sun tan' but wonderful mysterious flavour too! Your friends and family will be begging you for your secret!

  • Sexy Black Salt

We all know salts have recently come back into fashion but beware...this one is the sexiest of them all! Serve on it's own in a pinch-pot, bash up with pink peppercorns, or use combined with your selection of dried or fresh petals to bling up anything that needs a sexy seasoning.

  • Vanilla Zulu's famous pistachio and cumin dust with petals

A glamorous 'dukkah' that can be used to sprinkle over a multitude of dishes. This delicious and colourful 'dust' is highly versatile.

  • Try a dipping sauce of extra virgin olive oil and this dust to dunk your bread into.
  • Garnish your next shoulder of lamb, lamb backstrap, eye fillet or chicken breast with this delicous and crunchy culinary dust.
  • Sprinkle over salads to add interesting colour, texture and personality
  • Serve dusted over hummus or other dips to give them crunch and flavour
  • Bake a camembert or brie in an oven proof dish for 8-12 minutes until oozing and melted, remove from heat, drizzle with honey and then dust with your Pistachio and Cumin Dust!

So many uses!

Can be kept in fridge or freezer to extend shelf life. If kept on shelf please use within three months.

  • Pink and Szechwan Peppercorns

These fiery and fragrant blend of peppercorns will transform and bling up any meal that needs seasoning and add a wonderful bit of interest to any dish.

  • Burnt Fig/Rasberry Balsamic Glaze

Beautiful balsamic scented with burnt fig or rasberry to give you a glamorous and divine drizzle to garnish salads, bling up dressings, dip delicous bread into...HEAVEN! Very fashionable indeed! If not in stock we will send you a larger bottle of plain balsamic glaze which will still be fabulous!

  • Orange/Lemon Scented extra virgin olive oil

This glorious robust flavour will burst off the plate like an African sunset with it's deep colour and big citrus flavour. Use to create dressings, drizzle over any meals and follow my helpful hints in 'The little black book of culinary bling'

For more tips and uses head click on our eBOOK or head to YOUTUBE for our Culinary Bling 2015 Video series

Happy Cooking!

Mel Alafaci

The Vanilla Zulu


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