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Discover a chef’s secrets on how to be faster, happier and more confident in the kitchen.


Culinary Quickies is a recipe book with a difference written by African Australian chef and entrepreneur, Mel Alafaci. Known as the Queen of Culinary Bling, this sassy, smiley, happy chef will have you creating culinary masterpieces out of everyday ingredients in no time. Chef Mel shares ALL of her culinary secrets and shortcuts offering practical advice to get you feeling confident and to find your mojo in the kitchen again. Best of all she will make you extremely efficient and save you time and stress and heartache in the kitchen. This book is full of amazing dinner party inspiration!

This book is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced foodies. The advice, hints and tips given are simple, hilarious and effective. Chef Mel asks all the questions that will challenge you to reconsider the way you cook to simplify and streamline the cooking process.

You’ll become the foodie you’ve always wanted to be and start your culinary journey of living happily ever after.

Please enjoy this book,

Happy Cooking

Chef Mel


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