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Vanilla Zulu office hours?

It’s a busy kitchen! We are often in a class and won’t always be able to take your call so please email us and we will check our emails and messages daily!  Please allow 24hrs for a response. We do not have anyone in the office over weekends and public holidays.  We will honour all emails via date received.

How do I reschedule / change a booking?
We are happy to change your booking more than 72hrs (3 x business days) out from your start time, simply head to our calendar and find a more suitable date to attend, then email our helpful and friendly staff at and let us know.
Changes less than 72hrs – please feel free to send someone in your spot OR you can opt to pay a $39.95 per person rebooking fee to cover our food and staff costs for your booking.  
Changes less than 24hrs / on the day – rescheduling is not accepted.  Please send someone in your place!
Does Vanilla Zulu sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes!  Simply click on the Vouchers tab in the main menu.  Select the voucher of your dreams, register and pay.  On the certificate you can add the recipient’s details OR add your own email to have it sent to you (and keep it a surprise).  Thanks in advance for your support.  Your guest can then use the Voucher to book into any of our cooking classes on a date and time that suits them.  Our Vouchers NEVER EXPIRE!

How to use your voucher...

Select you class, register and book and when you come to the payment section choose to pay by Gift Certificate using the voucher code located under bar code on the certificate.  Once the system has verified your voucher it will process the booking and send you a confirmation email!

How do I book in a Support Worker or Spectator?

All attendees including Support Workers must book in.  If you need to bring a Support Worker please contact us directly to discuss pricing options. The enjoyment and safety of all our attending guests is very important to us. Due to the set up of our kitchens we do not accept Spectators.

Does Vanilla Zulu have a bar open during class?

Yes, here is the bar menu. Vanilla Zulu has a brand new Gin and Cocktail bar, as well as a lovely selection of beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks.  The bar is open 30 minutes before class starts!  So come on in and settle in with a gorgeous refreshment!

Where are my recipes?

Your recipes will be available for download during filing out your guest forms. The person how has made the booking will have the link to the guest forms.  If you have misplaced the link please email us at and we can send them to you.

What to wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes and sensible, closed foot wear.  Please do not wear high heels or stiletto’s as they are not very practical on our kitchen floors.  We do have chairs so you will be able to sit down anytime, but comfort is key!

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 -20 minutes BEFORE your class start time so that you can find a park, sign the COVID register, purchase a drink from the bar, hand wash and meet our wonderful friendly staff!

Where to park? There is no onsite parking!

There is no parking on site at Vanilla Zulu!  Please arrive about 10-15 minutes early to find a street park in the roads surrounding us!  Sometimes there are parking spots right outside our door, but please allow additional time just in case!  Please observe all signage.

COVID - Important information
Vanilla Zulu has a Qld Safe Covid Plan and follows all government guidelines relating to the Hospitality Industry.  Currently, vaccinations are NOT a requirement for hospitality venues (April 2022).
When mandated, masks are to be worn on arrival and moving around the facility, but are not required when cooking and eating at your workstation.
If you have symptoms or tested positive for Covid, please contact us to arrange a rescheduling of your booking via email

Our Location

Lower Ground Floor
92 Commercial Rd,
Teneriffe 4005

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