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This is Brisbane’s best and most comprehensive cooking course, open to the public!  You will learn how to create show stopping meals based on the fundamentals of essential cookery techniques and you will learn how to simplify and adapt these skills to make meals which take minimal time or effort to prepare! The focus is on enjoying the experience, gaining confidence, and learning essential cooking and presentation techniques.  (Previously known as the Chef Skills Course, just a new name, same great course!)

This Course runs on a Monday Evening only, 6pm – 9pm.  Running consecutively for 6 x weeks from your start date.  Every Monday for 6 x weeks in a row.  We are closed Public Holidays so the course will be extended around these.

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Discover the art of:

  • Bread-making – Focaccia, Ciabatta, Lavosh Crackers
  • Sauces and emulsions, reductions, flambés
  • Deboning and trussing
  • Preparing the perfect steak – rare, medium rare, medium perfectly every time
  • Overview of meat and fish cuts, braising, roasting, getting the crispiest skin on your fish, slow cook
  • Pasta Making: All types
  • Presentation skills. Garnishes and decorations, stacking
  • Knife and carving skills
  • Eggs – poaching
  • Sugar work
  • Ice cream
  • Pastry work
  • And so much more…….

SUITABLE FOR GLUTEN FREE BUT SOME RECIPES CANNOT BE ADJUSTED! Some recipes can be adjusted but not all of them!

Pay a Deposit to secure your booking, pay in instalments with your final payment due by the Start Date!

All while enjoying a drink from our fully licensed Bar with Gin Cocktails!

Hundreds of 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews

Brenda – I have just finished the Complete Cooking Skills Course and absolutely loved it. I am already signed up for the advanced class. I wanted to expand my skills in the kitchen to take my cooking to a higher level and have definitely accomplished that. Chef Mel is a passionate teacher and also just a fun, genuine person. I hear her tips in my head when I am cooking at home. I highly recommend the school.

Find a Day For Your Class

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Weeknight Classes Mon – Fri are 6pm – 9pm, Weekends are 10am – 1pm or 3pm – 6pm. 

Bookings of 4+ guests will automatically discount.

Booking with Children – please note we accept Youths from 9yrs to 17yrs.  However, for Children 9yrs – 14yrs each child must have an adult booked in with them.  

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Why a Complete Cooking Skills Course

It’s so much fun!  For all passionate foodies, the Complete Cooking Skills Course is for you!  Perfect for entertaining at home, or perhaps you have visions of chasing a spot on MKR or MasterChef.  Also perfect if you’re starting your own food business such as a B&B, cafe, catering company, coffee shop or food stall!  Have teenagers who are keen cooks and want to learn more – take advantage of our Youth pricing.

Brisbane’s only comprehensive 6-weeks’ Complete Cooking Skills Course. The course runs for 6 consecutive weeks! Once a week on the same day and time. Check calendar for starting dates.  From novice to experienced cook learn every skill you need to feel like the master of your kitchen. Includes chef’s skills, knife skills and much, much more.

  • Lose the fear of attempting to make your own meals from scratch ever again
  • Follow the step by step, fail-safe recipes that will produce amazing fresh dishes – full recipe e-book provided!
  • Learn the secret of using fresh, authentic ingredients that really make the dish and how to use them with ease
  • Repeat every recipe at home whenever you want and create food that is better than your local restaurant
  • Learn cooking techniques to use across all cuts of meats, vegetables and sauces
  • Knife skills and plating and more..


Who Is This Class For?

Come alone, bring a friend or bring the whole family!  Kids 12yrs+ with a passion for cooking are very welcome at our Complete Cooking Skills Course (Youth price available).  Novice level and up – anyone can learn this.

Enjoy a glass of wine while you learn a new skill you can use for the rest of your life. Celebration coming up? Is it your friend or partner’s birthday? Treat them to something different.

  • 3hr action-packed, friendly cooking sessions in a relaxed environment over 6 consecutive weeks
  • Everything you need to create the most authentic, made from scratch, mouth-watering food
  • Apron provided
  • Dinner included!  Enjoy a 3-course feast of the meals that you prepared – every week!
  • Recipe book with additional free recipes to try at home

Daniella – Fantastic experience! Will be recreating these incredible dishes at home for years to come!!!! Thanks for all the knowledge you’ve passed on. Met such lovely people too!!

Betty – My daughter completed this course and loved it. She is saving her own weekly allowance to do the advanced course and the vegan course also. Meals at home have certainly changed for the better as everything she makes is restaurant quality presentation and tastes amazing. Good investment in teenagers kitchen skills. Lots of tips and tricks to make cooking easier.  100% recommend if your teenager shows any interest in cooking to send them to Vanilla Zulu . Your whole family will benefit (also friends who come for dinner parties 😄).

Daniel – We had a fantastic time and the cooking instructor and her team were very helpful. I would highly recommend the Vanilla Zulu experience.

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What to Expect in the Class

Your cooking class begins with a heart-warming welcome, introduction and chat with your fellow budding chefs. Then pop on your apron, get into the kitchen and start cooking. You will work in small groups of about two on a table of four as your Chef guides you step by step. Each week you will progress in our course.

A typical course menu includes:

Week 1: Pasta making, gnocchi, focaccia and panna cotta
Week 2: Braising: pork belly with perfect crackling, ciabatta, creme brûlée
Week 3: Poultry work including pate, roast spatchcock, lavosh/crackers, egg poaching, chocolate tart
Week 4: How to cook perfect steak and sauces, pastries and apple lattice pie, mayo and emulsions
Week 5: Crispy skin salmon, smoking, stacked salads, ice creams and gelato

Week 6: Lamb shoulder with date and pistachio bling, vanilla glazed donuts and soufflé.


Changes / Rescheduling

Yes, you can reschedule your entire Course with a strict minimum of one week’s notice provided by email to

Make Up classes are available for all weeks, prior notice must be given by 9am on the Monday of the class date.  Once a Make Up class is offered, this cannot be rebooked.

Please note: The menu is based on available seasonal produce and is subject to change at the experience provider’s discretion. You will work and cook together as a team, and shared a workspace and the kitchen equipment with other participants. A group cooking session with partial group participation is the most effective and fun way to add to your cooking skills.

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