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Yes, cooking is simple.  We all do it everyday.  But are you tired of the same boring dishes day in and day out?

I find it’s all about being inspired.  About seeing a photo, a recipe, visiting a restaurant and saying, wow, I can make that!  You may not always have the confidence but give it a go anyway, isn’t that what Google is for, you can simply find a similar recipe and recreate it.

Are you buying the right ingredients?  I find a lot of us are governed by that grocery list, you buy the same things week in and week out and wonder why your meals are always the same.  Try something new, try keep a few other ingredients around and you’ll be surprised how that changes the dishes you are able to create!

And that brings me to the inspiration behind this post.  A herb garden. Isn’t that the simplest way of adding flavour and excitement to a meal?  Isn’t that the easiest way of creating a globally inspired dish by adding a combination of specific herbs to create a themed dish?  And a herb garden is so easy to have, if I can do it then anyone can!  And they don’t have to be expensive either.  You could plant the basics, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme and of course please just do this for me… plant a few edible flowers!

Dianthus, violets, pansies, roses, marigolds and nasturtiums add instant glitz and glamour and a touch of wow to any salad or meal!And take it from me, there is nothing more therapeutic, stress relieving than watering those delicate blooms and herbs, creating wonderful dishes in your mind, and stopping to well…smell the roses!


Chef Mel

The Vanilla Zulu

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