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Shopping and steaks…

It’s fast approaching bikini weather and I don’t know about you but I’ve left this years ‘trim down’ way too late.  That’s not to say that I don’t usually eat wonderfully healthy meals with one or two cheat/treat days in between to keep me honest, but somehow I was just not inspired.

Until this week…this week it’s all coming together for me.  Whether it’s the alignment of the stars or these amazing boxing classes that are whipping my brain back into shape, who knows but it’s working.

It’s really not that difficult to eat healthy food but it all relies on one thing and one thing only.  Your SHOPPING LIST!  If you are not buying healthy wholesome food you can’t cook happy healthy wholesome meals no matter how hard you try!

Let me know if you need me to share my fabulous shopping list as I’m happy to share my shopping techniques with you!

These recipes are fabulous, you simply must try them. Adapt them, make them yours, use my ideas and put your own twist on them.  You can use these again and again so let’s get creative.  I would love you to share your own twists to these recipes so drop me a message and a photo and we can all share the love.

Wild about cooking…

The Vanilla Zulu


Steak and cauliflower mash with goats cheese ball and zucchini ribbon

Herby steaks in pan with balsamic glaze and garlic

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